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What’s keeping you up at night?

We are a branding agency in Cleveland, Ohio, providing insight and understanding to clients about aspects concerning their brand differentiation. We dig deep, do our homework and stay up late to understand our clients.

There are essentially two components to Branding: image and experience. The concept of image generally thought of when thinking about branding, but the experiential component is just as important. The image conveys the “brand promise” – what you as the brand owner promise the consumer’s experiences with the brand is real and will cement brand loyalty if that experience consistently delivers that brand promise.

It sounds easy, but how good are you at knowing how to think up a great image which communicates the experience?

Our clients like that we work with a qualitative method aimed to learn and understand cultural (customer demographic and psychographic) phenomena which reflect the knowledge and system of meanings guiding the life, wants, preferences and characteristics of the defined group. Data collection is often done through participant observation, interviews, questionnaires, experiential analysis, etc.

What attitudes, values, and beliefs are currently happening with the brand – what could be possible with the brand?

Could ideas we develop that charm, entertain, inform, grab, tug and win-over possibly lead to an increase in 30%… maybe even 85%?  We have accomplished this with one of our Casino Clients.

Could repositioning the brand with extreme emotional relevance make the bottom line result well worth the investment?

For some clients we are constantly working to get to the bottom line on Consumer Insights – Everyone dies, that is a fact. Nobody wants to think about funeral planning, let alone walk into a funeral home to talk to a funeral director about the whole process and funeral options, unless they can go to a website loaded with just about every piece of information we know [insights] they really want to know guided by web hosts who are engaging, warm and friendly. Guess what happens next… our client becomes the most recommended brand in the market. (not to mention the passion this client goes through on a daily basis to be certain the entire company organization lives up to exceed their brand promise) We love to work with clients like this…

Clients choose Sampson/Carnegie because they need separation between the facts and information for true insights. The result is better branding for their marketing investment.

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