Implement The Customer Journey

 When you’ve got a great plan, how will you make it happen?

Sampson/Carnegie Dig Deeper

To understand marketing and branding…No, we are not talking about a class of tools such as Farm Implements or Writing Implements. Deciding together as a team, when the work is ready to go – the process for putting the plan into effect will frequently involve several tactics implemented throughout the customer journey.

The customer journey = 1. Discovery 2. Commitment 3. Advocacy = Brand Loyalty

In each phase of the journey, relevant customer touch points are matched with developed brand messaging.

In some client relationships, the developed brand messaging is put into effect by the client’s smart marketing staff members, sales staff or other staff who are trained to understand newly developed branding initiatives. They are passionate enough to work on a daily basis to be certain the entire company organization lives up to exceed their brand promise. (Have we mentioned how much we love working with this type of client?)

In some client relationships, our staff is employed to put the developed brand messaging into effect.

Insight: Hyatt Legal Plans

Everyone knows that sooner or later they are going to need a lawyer. What if you were a very large corporation which offered a certain amount of company benefits which were optional and you were competing for attention with the likes of the Aflac Duck?

What if insight tells us that the discover phase of the customer journey required a specialized web landing page where each targeted customer would have their own personalized code that would bring up a personal website offering a limited time no-obligation product trial? What if those targeted customers were identified as “impossible to get to” by the sales staff?

Sampson/Carnegie's Process for Hyatt Micro Site Plan
Sampson/Carnegie HLHyatt 3D Mailer
Hyatt Legal Plans The Red Couch Ad
Hyatt Legal Plans Ad


With our brand strategy and marketing communication process, we helped one of our clients achieve a 37% active response rate from those “impossible to get to” customers.

With the help of their marketing staff, the developed brand messaging included traditional advertising, three-dimensional interactive direct mail and interactive web-based ordering.

What can we implement for you?