Smarter Thinking to Become The Brand Name

Is this what you are getting from your current branding firm?

We work with clients who stake their reputation and financial well-being building the brands bearing the company name. Our clients demand smarter thinking to help them become The Brand Name in their category.

What if you hired a skilled brand strategy team loaded with the critical elements – bold ideas, excitement, relevance, responsiveness, honesty, intuition, productivity and certainly creativity…

What could your brand messaging look like based on what it looks like now?

In the restaurant business, newly opened is most always hot – the business is notorious for fickle restaurant patrons always looking for what’s hot and abandoning yesterday’s news. But what if you have a fine dining group of restaurants approaching 35+ years in their respective locations – could your brand be in danger of being perceived as an old ‘dinner house’? Not if you’re the type of passionate client who works on a daily basis to be certain the entire company organization lives up to exceed their brand promise – not to mention a continual focus on refining that brand promise to keep it relevant to continually grow the customer base. Don’s Restaurants does big numbers while keeping their brand as The Brand Name for upscale casual dining in their neck of the neighborhood.

For this client, we provide better consumer branding strategies to develop more restaurant patrons.

What about a client with a outdated brand serving in the restaurant category – up the chain from the restaurant patrons – serving the restaurant owners with Aloha Point of Sale systems?


The brand shown here is an example. The brand on top is the “before”. The “after” (on bottom) is the bottom line result of Sampson/Carnegie’s process at work.

We helped Matrix Proven POS launch a new original brand. Most of our client’s brand strategy activities are proprietary and not available for public show-and-tell. We are fortunate that this client invites you to get a glimpse of some Smarter Thinking in action: